Results, rain and prophetic omens

Tomorrow is the 15th August. To those that don’t know; it is Results Day for college students in the U.K.

On a completely unrelated note, it is also raining.

Or is it unrelated?

What if it’s actually some kind of prophetic omen that my results, and perhaps everyone else’s, are going to be apocalyptically bad? Maybe it’s actually prophecising that the results of tomorrow are going to create some form of apocalyptic flood to wash away the shame of thousands of college students’ results and perhaps human civilisation too?!
*Insert “mad dash to check to tomorrow’s weather forecast” here* Turns out the weather tomorrow isn’t all that bad, so you can pack away your survival pack; “there’s good weather on the horizon,” or however the saying goes.

Anyway, that’s about all I had to say on college results and the possiblity of prophetic weather. I’ll probably be posting the outcome, either jubilantly or heavy-heartedly, or I’ll be off getting shit-faced, or we all will have been washed away in the flood that I tried warning you about.


flash flood

Something I found to help us all sleep well.

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